Goodbye status quo, hello Energy Made Simple.

There’s never been a better time to switch to a green energy provider.

We are a green energy broker, here to help you frictionlessly transition to renewable energy sources and reap the financial and reputational benefits of doing so.

Full service energy management

Our full service green energy account management complies with the highest industry standards. We help you save money on your energy costs and boost your reputation at the same time. We can help you attain green energy certifications like carbon credits and eco labels, help you discover strategic insights through real time energy reporting and analysis, and get your green message in front of an increasingly environmentally conscious audience.

Now is the time for change

Around the world pressure is mounting to tackle the climate crisis. Major businesses and investors are pivoting to a much greater focus on renewables. Leading nations are committed to radical reductions in carbon emissions, and the general public is behind them. Covid-19 has smashed up the status quo of how businesses operate, and has put corporate responsibility in the spotlight. The world has changed more in the last few months than it has in the last few decades. The oil industry has never been under greater threat. Renewables are on the rise. Now is the time for your business to embrace sustainable change, and we have the tools and strategy to help you do that.

Renewable energy certifications

We help you acquire renewable energy certifications, such as carbon credits. Contact us to discuss the options open to you. Renewable energy certifications mark your commitment to sustainable business operations, and make your brand more attractive to consumers. Because energy is produced from a wide range of green and fossil fuel sources it can be hard to track sustainable usage. Renewable energy certificates provide a simple way to guarantee that you have produced energy via sustainable sources. This provides a very strong market signal that you are a sustainable energy consumer, and can greatly simplify the process of ensuring you rely on 100% carbon neutral energy sources.

Eco Labels

It has been shown that products that display their sustainable credentials are extremely effective at reinforcing consumer confidence that they are making a positive change. This is where internationally recognised eco labels come into play. They are labels that show your customers your commitment to sustainability and boost their confidence in your brand. We help you find the right eco labels for your business. Promote your business using Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGO for electricity, and RGGO for gas). Demonstrate your carbon emissions reduction and commitment to sustainability.

Carbon reporting

Companies that are transparent about their energy consumption gain more trust from consumers and investors. Carbon reporting helps you show consumers and investors the positive impact you are making by switching to green energy management.