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Specialist renewable energy account management

The utilities sector has to adapt quickly in a period of unprecedented change, where the oil economy is in retreat and renewables are on the rise. 

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We help your business deliver this transformation by providing cutting edge renewable energy account management. By partnering with a green energy broker you ensure you are keeping ahead of the curve whilst being able to focus on the bigger picture of your business strategy

Market fluctuation reporting

The energy market is constantly in flux and can be impacted by a range of micro and macro shocks. Our comprehensive reporting provides analysis of the fluctuation of the market and helps you

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adopt the strongest position that will put clear blue water between you and your competitors.

Monthly & annual carbon reduction reporting

Accurate and timely reporting is essential to delivering effective green energy management. Monthly reporting keeps you up to date with

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the blow by blow fluctuations of the market, and gives you the preparedness to make necessary strategic decisions.

Annual reporting gives you the ability to reflect on your performance over a longer period and assess trends in your energy management. This will help position your business in the coming year and afford you much-needed strategic insight.

Carbon Credit Certificates

Carbon credit certificates allow you to carry on your business operations whilst knowing that you are keeping within emissions targets for your

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region. They are a public signal that you are committed to a transition to a sustainable economy, and are tradable to ensure you have the flexibility to operate effectively in your market.

We help you acquire the relevant carbon credits for your industry in accordance with the latest best practices in green energy certification. Then we help you tell the world about it.

Lower carbon footprint

There was a time when companies weren’t sure they could afford to reduce their carbon footprint. Those days are over. With many of the world’s

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leading brands going green, and some of the largest wealth managers preferring sustainable portfolios, businesses can’t afford to resist the transition to a lower emissions economy.

This all ultimately benefits your business. Research by Nielsen has shown that consumers are more likely to trust companies that adopt long-term environmental strategies, and are willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

Carbon zero energy status

Around the globe businesses are committing to achieving carbon zero energy status by 2050. In the energy sectors renewables and nuclear

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power are rapidly superseding fossil fuel energy sources, and are already a more affordable option for most companies.

Green energy is no longer a tradeoff between environmental sustainability and business needs. By partnering with a green energy broker you can easily make the transition to green energy management whilst reaping both the economic and the reputational benefits.

Certifications, logos and marketing support

Businesses are operating in precarious economic times, exacerbated by the financial and social impact of Covid-19, and a climate crisis that the World Economic Forum has said is worse than anticipated. It has never been more important to take every opportunity to signal that your company is committed to sustainability, and has the credentials to prove it.

That’s why it is so important to achieve sustainable energy certifications such as carbon credits and eco labels, and to demonstrate your energy management is being handled by an environmentally conscious partner.

By partnering with Energy Made Simple we help you reap the economic and reputational benefits that green energy certificates and eco labels bring you. You will also be able to display our logo prominently on your website and print materials to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Beyond that we also offer you marketing support to make sure your commitment to green energy gets maximum exposure.

Environmentally friendly account management

Most existing energy account managers are not equipped to help you make the transition to green energy, and they don’t grasp the nuances

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of sustainable energy management. To achieve this it is important that you find a partner with experience in green energy management. We are committed to helping businesses create the low-carbon economy that is essential to delivering global prosperity and security.

Surplus usage avoidance

Effective green energy management requires the close monitoring of energy consumption. This can help you avoid energy usage overestimations by ensuring your energy meters comply with the
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latest standards and transmit up to date information to your energy provider.

Where appropriate we can arrange the installation of the latest Automated Meter Reading (AMR) devices like the SMET-2 smart meter which complies with the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Standard (SMETS) industry standard.

We will also offer you detailed annual usage forecasting reports via detailed bill validations. This will help you detect any usage anomalies and avoid unnecessary surplus charges.

Actively promoting your green credentials

By switching to green energy management many brands are discovering that they build stronger relationships with their customers, and deliver
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energy cost savings at the same time.

When you partner with Energy Made Simple you don’t just get the benefits of working with green energy management specialists. We ensure that your green credentials are actively promoted.

Attract environmentally conscious customers

Around the world 61% of all consumers say they prioritise buying products from brands who act responsibly, and are willing to pay more to do so, according to a report by Centrica Business Solutions.

A report from consumer intelligence analysts Toluna discovered that 51% of respondents agreed that companies with environmentally friendly processes are more effective at changing consumer behaviour than government and regulations. This audience of environmentally conscious consumers is predicted to grow rapidly, especially as Generation Z increases in spending power.

To win over these environmentally minded consumers you need to be able to demonstrate a genuine commitment to sustainability. Switching to green energy is a frictionless way to do this. When you partner with Energy Made Simple we help you communicate your green credentials to an increasingly savvy audience.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has permanently altered the business landscape, and has shown consumers to be discerning and socially conscious actors when putting their trust in brands.

A large, international study of brand trust and the coronavirus pandemic carried out by Edelman found that 71% of people agreed that brands that put profit before people “will lose trust in that brand forever”.

Beyond Covid-19, the environmental crisis continues in a context of heightened public consciousness of environmental, health, and social issues. It is essential that your business boosts its credibility amongst consumers and wider society if you are to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Brand enhancement

Research in the Journal of Marketing Management has shown that consumer experience of a brand impacts their brand preferences, and their repurchase intent. That’s why it is so important that you take every opportunity to enhance your brand image. This can’t be done by PR alone, it has to involve a commitment to positive change.

A study by the UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) revealed that 82% of respondents support renewable energy. Making the switch to green energy is a guaranteed way to enhance your brand reputation, win over more consumers, and save money on energy consumption.

Enhanced product quality

Product quality is not just about the design and implementation of your products, it’s also about giving your customers a sense that they are investing in products that make a positive difference. It has been shown that products that are sustainably produced are perceived to be of higher quality (Food Quality and Preference Journal).