The Energy Made Simple approach

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to switch to sustainable energy consumption without getting weighed down with the burdens of account management, navigating the complex sustainability options currently on the market, and complying with technical rules and regulations. That’s why we take care of all that for you.

We even help you take your green message to a new audience of potential customers looking to make a difference via their consumer spending power. When it comes to creating a sustainable world, consumers increasingly want to vote with their money, and we make sure that it is your name that they select on the ballot box!

Our business ethos is reflected in our name. We know that change needs to happen from the roots up. This change needs to nurture every aspect of the complex organism that is your business.

The Earth

Plants can only grow if the soil conditions are right. We have already done the groundwork and know the best options for your business. We can only do this because we are experts in the green energy market, and we know the lay of the land.

The Water

Once the initial conditions are right, your business can grow. But if you are to flourish you need to be able to access constant nourishment. To help you do this we stay up to date with the latest thinking and best practices of sustainable energy management. We provide you with comprehensive energy management, access to eco labelling and carbon reporting, green marketing and promotion, and more.

The Roots

We help you secure a competitive contract with a green energy provider, but this is just the beginning. We then offer you a range of energy management services to make the most effective use of clean energy sources.

The seeds

To be able to compete, your company has to be able to operate in a cost effective manner. Despite this, many businesses haven’t been realising the savings they can make by switching to a green energy provider.